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Although JavaRealm Software specializes in developing of custom solutions, we also offer products that have proved to be useful in development of different kinds of web applications. We extensively use component architecure in our applications.

Web Application Component Architecture

GlueX Web Applications Framework

GlueX framework is a XML/XSLT-centric library simplifying building of Java web applications using standard servlet containers supporting Sun's Java(TM) Servlet Specification version 2.2 or later. The main principle of GlueX is clear separation between application logic, state and presentation. Application state is expressed in XML and then transformed to presentation (HTML or other markup language) with XSL transformation. Command pattern is used to cope with complexity of business logic which is common for all large applications.

GlueX framework provides application developers with advantages such as:

     Pure MVC (Model-View-Controller) compliance
     Clear separation between application logic and user presentation
     Multiple presentations (designs) with stylesheets inheritance
     Flexible XML configuration of application workflow
     Built-in request parameters validation
     Automatic generation of error messages resource file with support for internationalization
     Automatic generation of action documentation
     Strong ACL-based security model
       and many more useful features to list

Developer creates set of "action" classes, XSL stylesheets, and ties them with set of XML configuration files. This greatly simplifies building of modern web applications with complex workflows.

HTTP Request Processing in GlueX

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We created Sample Application that shows best practices of building web applications with GlueX and some basic GlueX features. It can be accessed online at: and can be downloaded from that URL to view sources or install it locally.

GlueX Sample Application

GlueX Sample Application


For more information on GlueX Web Applications Framework:

Technologies: Java, Servlets, XML/XSLT with Apache Xalan/Xerces

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