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Here you can find opinions of our partners and customers about experiences with JavaRealm Software. We are proud and thankful for their appreciation and will continue improving our services.

Brandon Adams
President, NewinSites, LLC
4795 Mile High Drive
Salt Lake City, Utah 84124, USA
"Efficient Technology"
Phone: +1-801-466-4577

In 1999 our company began development on a project that would become a very complicated process. We began our search in the United States, looking for a programming firm that could fill our needs. Over the course of the first year, we hired and fired 2 companies that made promises and could not deliver, costing us a great deal of our startup capital. Finally we were introduced to JavaRealm Software, and have never looked back. Programming applications that the other companies had trouble even understanding, JavaRealm Software was able to jump straight into and make a reality. Added to the fact that the pricing was extremely reasonable, we could not be any happier with our decision. Our product would not be what it is today without the vision and dedication of JavaRealm Software.

Hans Bakker
Director, A-NeT Internet Services, BV
Eemstraat 13, 3741AB Baarn
The Netherlands
Phone: +31-35-5431540
Fax: +31-35-5431589

On our request, EditNews was built according to a functional spec during the year 2001. Although in the beginning there were problems not meeting the project end dates the product is now in service for over a year and is functioning well. We also asked JavaRealm Software to develop a centralized user access management system based on LDAP and used by most of our products including EditPage, EditPoll and EditWhere, our search engine. These last 3 products were developed by another group of programmers also in the Ukraine. We have asked JavaRealm Software sometime matters which were urgent and they responded very quickly. Also the cooperation with the other group of programmers was excellent. At the moment JavaRealm is developing another product called EditDB for us, which is presently being tested by our customers. JavaRealm Software have exeeded our expectations with this product. The quality of the software developed by JavaRealm is very good and the people of JavaRealm Software are speaking English sufficient to have a good relationship over e-mail. A good and flexible company to work with.

Stephen E. Schmidt
President, eJobShop, Inc.
Los Altos, California, USA
Phone: +1-877-699-6093

JavaRealm Software provided excellent software development services, including both design and implementation of complex java server side applications using Servlets, JSP for the presentation layer, and JDBC for access to SQL databases. While working remotely, JavaRealm Software communicated very effectively via email; their written English is perfect. They were also extremely responsive to customer requests, and did an excellent job of adding value beyond just software development. I would highly recommend JavaRealm Software to any company, and would be happy to discuss the details of their work at any time.

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