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The main specialization of JavaRealm Software is development of complex Internet applications that include sophisticated server-side business logic processing. We use the latest server development technologies, such as Java[TM] and J2EE[TM], tools and methodologies and provide innovative solutions for our customers.

Our services include:

Business Web Applications with Complex Server-Side Logic

     Development of Client-server and N-Tier applications
     Distributed data processing
     Database design and development
     Web integration of existing business applications
     B2B (Business To Business) web application development
     XML-based e-commerce solutions

Interactive and Personalized Web Sites

     Server-side Java/J2EE programming
     Client-side Java Applets, JavaScript programming
     PHP, CGI programming for simple applications
     Back-end software for web sites development
     Custom Jabber client/server solutions
     Distributed monitoring systems
     Web page development and graphics design

Application Service Provider (ASP) Systems Development

     Information systems
     Online directories
     Content management systems
     Interactive chat rooms/forums

Other Related Services

     Data migration between various DBMS
     Application re-engineering
     Web Server and Data Server administration
     Research and selection of optimal technologies

Contact us even if you didn't find service that you need here. We are always open for new platforms and technologies needed to develop your projects.

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