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During past years we have been engaged in several custom software develompment projects for US and European customers. Some of our recent developments are listed below.

Online Customer Support Service

Online Customer Support Service is a browser-based solution allowing web site owners to establish live communication with their visitors to give them instant support and resolve concerns they may have.

Application is accessible at: and has growing number of subscribers.

Technologies: Java, Servlets, XML/XSLT with Apache Xalan/Xerces, GlueX, JavaScript

GlueX Web Applications Framework

GlueX framework is a XML/XSLT-centric library simplifying building of Java web applications using standard servlet containers supporting Sun's Java(TM) Servlet Specification version 2.2 or later. The main principle of GlueX is clear separation between application logic, state and presentation. Application state is expressed in XML and then transformed to presentation (HTML or other markup language) with XSL transformation. Command pattern is used to cope with complexity of business logic which is common for all large applications.

GlueX framework provides application developers with advantages such as:

     Pure MVC (Model-View-Controller) compliance
     Clear separation between application logic and user presentation
     Multiple presentations (designs) with stylesheets inheritance
     Flexible XML configuration of application workflow
     Built-in request parameters validation
     Automatic generation of error messages resource file with support for internationalization
     Automatic generation of action documentation
     Strong ACL-based security model
       and many more useful features to list

Developer creates set of "action" classes, XSL stylesheets, and ties them with set of XML configuration files. This greatly simplifies building of modern web applications with complex workflows.

HTTP Request Processing in GlueX

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We created Sample Application that shows best practices of building web applications with GlueX and some basic GlueX features. It can be accessed online at: and can be downloaded from that URL to view sources or install it locally.

GlueX Sample Application

GlueX Sample Application


For more information on GlueX Web Applications Framework:

Technologies: Java, Servlets, XML/XSLT with Apache Xalan/Xerces

SMS Notifier

Advanced Email-to-SMS service

This Intenet service allows clients to get SMS notifications to their mobile phones each time they receive new email messages in one of registered mailboxes. Content of the email message can be optionally included into SMS notification.

The system provides clients with the following functionality:

     Register several mailboxes for notifications
     Set SMS creation options for each mailbox, such as whether to include "From:" address or message body to SMS message, etc.
     Set up message filters to allow/disallow notifications based on complex criteria
     Select prefferred frequency of mailbox polling
     Add support to new mobile operator if user's operator is not yet supported by the system. This way, interested clients can extend service functionality

Notification engine of the system is implemented with scalability in mind, allowing to serve hundreds of thousands of client mailboxes on average hosting box, and allows adding of additional hardware if load increases.

Web layer is implemented with GlueX framework, allowing easy internationalization of user interface. Currently English and Russian versions are available. Translation to German, French, Spanish is in progress.

Technologies: Java, J2EE, GlueX framework, XML/XSLT

This system is currently under development, test version is available at:


Discussion Forum System with "multiple-site" capability

Deployed in one central point, this system allows multiple sites to present discussion forum systems to their visitors. Core system generates well-considered XML model, while final HTML content is generated with XSL transformation. Site designer can use default stylesheet, or develop customized one. This way, "look and feel" of the discussion system can be completely individual for each site, while functionality, such as newsgroup or message creation, remains the same.

Technologies: EJB, XML/XSLT, Servlets

This system is in commercial operation and is available at:


Web-native database system

Allows clients to easily create web-accessible database tables with their own set of text or image columns, add/modify/delete/search capabilities, and sophisticated ACL-based access control. This system can be used to create custom Internet services such as online members directories, product lists etc.

There are several user groups used to grant other users some level of access to the database functionality:
configure - define database structure (field names, lengths etc.)
read - view database content, search for data
modify - update existing records
add - create new records
delete - delete existing records

Additional features include submit records from external forms which can be hosted anywhere in the Internet, and external record search/listing.

Each database can have its own presentation which can be customized by the database owner. This is achived in very elegant manner, without code duplication by using XSL inheritence concept of GlueX Web Application Framework.

Technologies: Java, J2EE, GlueX framework, XML/XSLT

This system is currently under development, test version is available at


This system integrates other A-NeT applications and provide them with number of shared services such as:

     common user management system based on LDAP server
     authentication server
     shared login mechanism
     user registration and storage of user personal profile

Technologies: Java, J2EE, GlueX framework, XML/XSLT

This system is in commercial operation and is available at:

Web site development application

This application is intended to allow non-techie people to easily create professionally-looking web sites and get presense in the Intenet.

User can choose template for his site, upload necessary graphics and texts and the system will generate set of HTML pages for user site, creates nesessary graphics, tie the pages with set of navigation buttons, store pages on disk and arrange for HTTP requests redirection, so that the pages are accessible for site visitors.

Site templates are uploaded by professional web designers with separate artist's interface.

System includes domain registration functionality and automatically updates web server settings to allow hosting of client's web sites.

Application is integrated with CyberCash/VeriSign merchant card payment service allowing clients to pay for the service online.

Technologies: JSP, Servlets.

The system is available at:

Sync Utility

Simple remote folder synchronization utility

This is client-server application allowing fast, reliable and secure one-way synchronization between local and remote filesystem folders over HTTP or HTTPS protocol.

It can be used in cases when it is desirable to allow several people to upload files to a server with precise control of which directories are accessible for each user.

Example of such a usage is to allow Web designers to upload custom designs into GlueX based applications without FTP acccess to the server.

Core features:

     Client application uploads only new/changed files
     Files are uploaded in single archive
     Atomicity: any changes on remote filesystem is made only after all network transfer successfully completed, otherwise sinchronization aborted
     Security: server checks user permissions to work with certain remote directory subtree

Technologies: Java, Servlets

This utility is a free software and will be available for download shortly

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