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Software outsourcing is a rapidly growing business. According to many business analysts, it can soon take over the traditional ways of wrting software. In the near future, offshore programming will be the turning point of the entire software development process, a landmark that will make the difference between the winner and the rest.

Evident benefits of software outsourcing include:

Substantial Reduction of Total Project Costs

Costs in Ukraine are usually lower than costs in the west. Also, talented developers are available for far lesser costs. Hence, clients can get the advantage of getting the projects for a lesser cost than they would, if they did it with local developers.

Compression of Development and Implementation Time

Due to our strong creative resources we can form a large workgroup and implement your project in extremely short time interval. Structure of JavaRealm makes it possible for the company to quickly adjust to the current client needs.

Access to Rich Pool of Highly Skilled and Experienced IT Professionals

Most of the time, necessary professional talent is difficult to find when required. Our Kiev location provides us with a rich pool of technical talents and low-cost environment for operating overhead and salaries. These two factors allow us to deliver the highest quality software at modest prices, while Internet allows us to communicate with your staff as easily as if we were in the next room.

World-Class Quality of Developments

We apply world-class development planning, project management and technical skills to offshore projects. We always try to exceed your expectations in qualty of our services.


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