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Customer Service Finds A Home in Cyberspace

Press 1 to get your balance. To make a payment, press 2. If you need additional assistance, please say "other" at the sound of the tone.

    Our advancing technology has so effectively removed the necessity for human interaction that traditional customer service is all but a thing of the past. Customers rarely speak to a person anymore, but are directed instead to participate in a conversation that amounts to an analog exchange with options. Insist on that privilege and you'll be directed through a series of automated choices anyway (are you sure you don't want to use our system?) until you are finally placed in a hold bin where you can expect up to a 30 minute wait. Sounds delightful, doesn't it.

Now, there's a better way.

    Improve your visitor's website experience by increasing the quality of your customer service. has announced its new live customer support package, giving retailers and other online businesses the ability to provide live customer service to site visitors. Using instant messenger technology, the system works similar to an online chat, allowing customers to contact a company representative with questions about products and services. The representative can answer in real-time - no email messages here - and assist the customer in making the right purchase or selecting the best service.

    What can live support do for your business? Customers will enjoy the efficiency of their shopping experience. Have a question? Get an answer. It's as easy as that. Administrators have the capability to monitor online activity such as referrer addresses and browser specifics, giving the business owner instant access to crucial marketing information. The system is multi-lingual and also features a call-transfer module and multi-party capabilities, making it possible for one service operator to transfer the call or bring in additional help to answer questions.

    The system boasts 128-bit secure encryption, eliminating the worry that your transcripts might be seen by unwanted eyes. Chat sessions are also emailed to the administrator, allowing for quality reviews and future training examples. Parties are notified when the other is typing and an operator-to-operator chat feature is also included.

    Calls can be put on hold and callers can instantly tell when an operator is on or off-line. The package provides an eye-catching banner displayed prominently on the client's site. With one click, customers are instantly connected to an on-line operator or given the option of emailing a question when operators are unavailable. Subscribing is easy, requiring only a short registration. Subscriptions range from $15 per month to just under $400 annually, depending upon your company's structure and needs. The program is activated with cut-and-paste of HTML code, eliminating complex installations normally associated with instant messenger and chat programs.

    Live customer support provides business owners a quick and easy way to improve the quality of service and ultimately, increase their sales. Better customer service means happier customers and that's always good for your bottom line.

    For more information, visit their website at Online purchase and registration are available.


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